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姉妹館 福岡発

The Future of Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival

Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival will not be accepting submissions this year. This decision was made as a way to reevaluate the festival and its implementation for the future. We apologize to any of you who were hoping to send us your work this year. Please keep an eye out for future announcements.

Nonprofit Organization Co.D.Ex.
Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion

From Yoshiko Swain Artistic Director of Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival :

Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival (FDFF) is becoming a biennale! That's the short of it, but in all honesty, it's been a wonderful 12 years since I started FDFF. This year the festival will be taking a year off for reevaluation so that it may return even better. I'm excited and grateful for this opportunity to take a break, absorb more nature, and be inspired through dialogue with others.

At the core of FDFF, there has been the shared experience of the joy of dance, born from unthinkable depths of creativity unbound by social stigma and societal norms. The crown jewel has always been dance, the fruit of your passion, love, and great courage. My hope is that maybe this will inspire you to take some more time and introspection to develop something even better; a deep idea that's been gestation in your heart and soul. When FDFF returns, please come back and share that new work with us, our eager audience, our guests, and to those who've yet to have experienced the catharsis of physical expression.

Though we won't be hosting a festival in February as we always do, we will be facilitating opportunities for improvisation, creation, workshops, and public performances. If you're interested in being a part of these, please make sure to follow our social media accounts so that you'll be in the know. I'd love to see these events full of people, regardless of experience or skill level. Nobody is an expert when they start a new endeavor, but that doesn't mean it's not worth showing up and participating. If you're interested in leading a workshop or contributing a performance, please let us know. The goal is to create a resourceful and supportive dance community, and I strongly encourage you to be a part of it in any way you can.

Dance is smiling upon us, like a beautiful flower in outer space.

Warm Regards
Yoshiko Swain

「福岡ダンスフリンジフェスティバル 〜ダンスの発火点〜」(FDFF)の開催について




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